Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Thursdays are the best days

Thursday November 10, 2011

Since I arrived in manila, we continued to text and call each other. I was happy I had a friend. She was someone that I could talk to. She was the only one who could take away my stress. We were constantly talking. Sometimes, we were enjoying the conversation so much that it took us 5 hours before we got bored,  talking till two o'clock in the morning. We were flirting with each other. It was a getting to know stage. For the first time in my life I was contented. Talking to her made me feel that way. I had to ask her if she liked me but before I could ever have the chance she did what no man expects a woman to do. She confessed that she liked me. She openly admitted her feelings. I was so confused. I was turn between freaking out and feeling happy. It's a common reaction for men to be attracted to women they can't understand but she's different. She was the opposite. I never met anyone like her. All the thoughts piled up. Will the two days that we had spent together suffice? I knew that I had to make a monumental decision so i asked her to be my girlfriend. It was a do or die situation. It was either going to lit the fire or kill it. I didn't know what to expect. She couldn't decide at first but when i asked her if she wanted me to live her alone she finally said yes. Who knew that this day would start something that no one would probably guess even in their wildest dreams.

She's the only one who could probably understand this picture.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Second date then off to Manila

She texted me. Right there, I knew i had a chance. I was happy, but i have to leave for Manila. The thought of never seeing her kept running on my head over and over again. I knew it was crazy, but i had to take a chance. I asked her out before i leave. I never expected anything but she came. Honestly, the magic disappeared it must be because she was chewing that gum. Man, it was disturbing. I asked her to help me buy candied nuts. It's for my friends. I kept on looking at her particularly that lips. Her lips were so cute with that mole. I found myself staring at her again for no reason.  I was wondering if she was that innocent girl with the sweetest smile that i met the other day. Her image suddenly changed.  She was wearing short shorts and a violet shirt. I knew she was different but she was still beautiful. Then we ate at Mister Donut's. Right. We ordered chicken sandwiches. Right when I thought that the feeling was gone, she did something that i can never forget. She fed me her sandwich. I fell in love. Back then, i didn't know what I feel. The only thing that I know is that  i can't stop thinking of that moment. It was time to go. So she walked me to the terminal. She was so cute. She got scared because she saw my mother and didn't want to accompany me all the way through. I left Tabaco but I had a feeling that I left apart of me at the terminal. 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

The best Two hours of my life

We were about to go home, I was surprised she wanted to walk. It was at that moment something inside us clicked. We were in sync. We laughed so hard that it didn't even matter that we got lost. She was talking about her dead grandmother and I was talking about my ghost experience. She was singing Super base by Nikki Minaj. Heck! I even tried to rap. We went back and forth trying to find the mall. I wish i could bring back time.Those were the days.

We argued about which road to take. We were both familiar with the place but we could not remember where the mall was. After finding ourselves at the wrong direction, we finally asked for instructions. Arriving at the mall, I told her about my back problem. She said it was okay. That was the first time I said to myself that she could be the one. We rode a van on our way home. She was so tired that she could fall asleep at any moment. I offered my arms. She didn't ask and i didn't use words, but we understood each other. It was my first. It was the time lending my arm to someone. I've never been this comfortable with anybody for such a long time. I could feel her. Her body temperature was getting hot. Her body was getting heavier that i know she'll pass out at any moment.She finally fell asleep. She looked so peaceful, so angelic, like she doesn't even know life's worries. I was getting excited without any reason at all. I could try to recall but I cant. I already lost count on how many times i stared at her face. She was leaning at my shoulders. She was so close that i could smell her. The scent was exhilarating. I thought that i would lose my self. Her body was getting hotter. My blood was rising. I even prayed that the van would never stop. She was so cute no she was a goddess. It took us an hour before we could reach Tabaco city. "Ah!"  I told my self. Why did she wake up? Could I ever have this chance again? We went to Jolibee to eat. I remember staring at her while we wait in line to order food. She was so beautiful. She was hiding behind the post to hide and we were having the time of our life. After eating, it was finally time to say goodbye. I knew i had to send her home but it was raining hard. I opened my umbrella, yet we were still getting wet. As I watch her get inside the pedicab, How I wished that I could come. I waited for her text, I knew what i was expecting. It's either she'll text me or not, it's either we could still meet. Later that night, she texted.

How I Met my Honey

Kids have I ever told you how i met your mother?
This is the story of how we met. It was the break of the first semester of 2011. Its started with a facebook conference with some friends. Your Uncle Chester was bored so we came up with a plan to meet and talk to girls in an unconventional way. It was easy. We added some guy friends then told them to add anyone they know as long as they were attractive. Then Chester added Levi and this would change my life forever. Levi knew your mother. Back then she was already a beauty. Naturally, Levi won't think twice letting your mother in our conversation. Up until today it still a mystery how i had the courage to talk to her. I was only planning to ask her number but then we ended up in a date. It's funny how fate works. I had already asked someone else, a friend. Fortunately, i forgot to ask her number. We were planning to go out on A Saturday afternoon but kid's I was so stupid. I should have remembered that I had prior commitments. I was already going to my h.s. reunion. I ended up cancelling with her. I thought that was it. We were over before we even started. Dumb luck as it was, your mother was so understanding. She gave me a second chance. We rescheduled our blind date. Let me tell you a secret. This was my first date I didn't even know what time we should meet. I had to ask your Aunt Jane for advice just to make sure.

Thursday, November 3, 2011 3:15

I was waiting for her inside National Bookstore. Your mother was late. Well, she was always late in our dates. 
To shut my nerves up, i ended up reading horror articles in the book section. She texted me. She was already outside. I couldn't see her. Then she called me by my name. "Teston!", that's what she said while she standing beside the escalator near the bookstore. I was shocked! Your mother was a total hotie. I could have never imagine her to look that way. This was her picture in facebook. She looked like an angel. A sponge bob fanatic.

This is what she actually looks like.
She was tantalizing. Her eyes were like marbles and her lips were so cute. She even has a mole in the upper right side of her lips. I know you wouldn't believe me but the first thing i noticed about her was not her at all. I noticed her pants. It was so skinny, her legs. Your mother was wearing a dark blue long sleeved blouse with black pants. She was exhausted. It turns out, she just came from her enrollment. How should i put it? Enrollment on Bicol University was rough and long. I asked her where to eat. we eventually ended up in Jolibee. I don't even remember what I ordered but i would never forget what she had.  Pork grilled tenders and pineapple juice.
It was stuck in my head that for two months I only drank  pineapple juice every time i ate outside the house.

We went to the movies just in time for the 4:15pm showing. Who knew a horse could make us laugh so hard? I am talking about Vice Ganda a gay comedian the lead actor on Private Benjamin . We had a few decent laughs. Honestly, I didn't even enjoy the movie. I was staring at her the whole time. I was probably freaking her out. I couldn't help it. She was an angel. She looked so helpless. Let me tell you something kids no man could resist her that time. It was already past six when we went out we had no idea where we were suppose to go so we went to Embarcadero. We went their on a tricycle. It was about to rain. I remembered that i brought a really huge umbrella that your mother herself requested. I felt i was a gentleman for the first time in my life. I held the umbrella over her head with not a care in the world that i was soaking wet because of the rain. We were planning to go to the top of the tower but it was raining we were told not to. We ended up talking as we were on the second floor of the building, it was something about how she hates people who doesn't know the song lyrics.
It was dark and i had to bring her home.